a different question

every episode of any good television crime drama series has several essential components:

1. the crime
2. the collection of evidence
3. the analysis of evidence
4. the formation of hypotheses
5. the investigations
6. the questioning of personal philosophies and principles in the solving of the crime
7. the confrontation of the suspect
8. the conclusion

so what happens when, upon reaching component no.7, there is no satisfactory conclusion to be reached? it is possible then that the evidence may need to be looked at from a different angle. or, as professor fleinhardt of numb3rs said, “if you don’t like the answer, ask a different question.“; the hypotheses may all be wrong…ever thought about that?

anyway, there is a reason why i still employ logic in certain circumstances. if the theories and inspirations on one side of the story have been put under the microscope and investigated to no avail, perhaps the answer lies in the flip side, the side we subconsciously refuse to entertain.

so ask yourself a different question. i’ve exhausted my supply of alternative views. perhaps you should make an effort to exhaust yours too.


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