maybe then

my mother once told me a story about a rich businessman and his two sons.

the older son was more business-savvy. he successfully developed his father’s property into one of the most well-known business districts in the city and he was constantly finding new ways to reinvent the company and take it further. the younger son was in charge of a different part of the company but he made less money because he lacked his brother’s confidence and, as a consequence, was unable to take the risks necessary to equal his brother’s success.

growing up, the elder was a natural leader who made bold decisions and fiercely defended his choices. his father was pleased with his son’s abilities and relieved that he did not need to worry for him at all. he was, however, concerned with his younger son’s performance and constant need for guidance. the younger son wasn’t any less intelligent than his brother, but he was the weaker one. he needed to be encouraged in order to carry out his tasks. he needed to be taken care of.

my mother ended the story by telling me that both sons have actually done their father proud. however, due to their different characters, the father has had to deal with them in two distinct ways.

with the elder, he had to restrain him at times to make sure he doesn’t become too arrogant to take advice from his father. as a result, they often fought over business decisions as neither would give way to the other. in contrast, the younger son took his father’s advice readily and welcomed any form of guidance. his parents protected him and were always ready with a constant supply of encouragement. his father pretty much held his hand as he learned the tricks of the trade.

although the elder son was far more capable than his younger brother, eventhough he was the one his parents trusted most, i can assure you,” my mother said, “that they loved the younger, weaker one more, simply because he needed them.

that certainly clears up a couple of things.

maybe i should go and perfect my damsel-in-distress act.

maybe then. maybe then.


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