secara rawak

it was obvious because you asked her to burn your cds when anyone else could have done it for you. it was obvious because you used people as an excuse to hide the fact that the person you wanted to see was her, and her only. it was obvious because you kept the empty wrapper of the chocolates she gave you for your birthday for months afterwards.

subtlety? there was never any subtlety.

the house is mine, ours, at last. after an eternity (3 weeks) of disappointments, broken promises, negotiations, frustration, irritation and alot of self-control. pen’s been put to paper, money’s been handed over, and i will not be sleeping on the streets of seremban come march.

what can i say, other than many many many praises to God? He told me not to worry, He kept me calm (for most of the time) and He provided. i’m exhausted, but thrilled that the formalities are over and done with.

when only selangor or only kl is on holiday, do not leave the house or even attempt to make your way down the highways. just don’t do it. unless you wanna risk getting caught in crazily insanely ridiculous traffic. at all times of the day. urgh.

why is it so hard to buy presents for members of the male community (i can’t use species because technically we’re all Homo sapiens)? why? why can’t they be happy with flowers and candy and teddy bears? why must they like shoes and gadgets and leather products? and they say women are high-maintenance?!


my father’s gonna be home soon. which means i need to do some serious tidying up or risk getting my head blown off. gah.

i’m knackered. going off for a nap.


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