from Him

i’m in a relatively good place.

my father’s on a plane home tonight and my mother’s tangible happiness is contagious. my best friend’s back for a couple of weeks and i just went for a smashing concert with her last night. i’m having dinner with 4 of my (many) favourite people on tuesday and 20+ of my beloved relatives on wednesday. my great east malaysia getaway commences in 2 weeks and i could not ask for better company to go with. it’s been a less-than-fruitful month but i’m savouring every moment because things can only get tougher from here.

but yeah, i’m in a relatively good place. i won’t be able to empathise properly with your woes, as much as i try. i have nothing but good things to say. i hope my optimism will only grow and spill over to anyone who has everything but hope.

yet, i cried like a baby when i heard this song. it was a love song to my heart, not from justin timberlake – as much as i would like that to be the case, haha – but from the One who has relinquished my doubts time and time again, who has put me to shame over and over again for being too proud to humble myself at His majesty.

i can never be reminded too many times that as “big” as my problems are, His love is greater, He is bigger. it’s something i wish i can describe sufficiently in words, but i am not enough of a poet to communicate the beauty of what He means to me. and still, He surprises me with indications of who i am to Him.

there’s no doubt that I still love you

anyway, i hope you enjoy the song. =)

when the ground beneath you starts a-shakin’
and you forget the place we came from
when you’re lost and looking for your way home
your way home to me
i’ll come out and find you

when the world around you starts a-movin’
and you should wonder if i still love you
if you feel the darkness coming, rising inside
i’ll make a light to guide you back home

when your doubts have got you thinking
nothing’s ever really sacred
and you’re afraid you might believe it
believe in me and i’ll give you a reason

’cause the world around us keeps on moving
and there’s no doubt that i still love you
so when you feel the darkness coming, rising inside
i’ll make a light to guide you back home

and after all the sky has fallen down
and after all the water’s washed away
my love’s the only promise that remains


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