from next week onwards, a huge chunk of my life will be among the beds of the wards and the people who reluctantly find temporary refuge in the rooms of the hospital.

i will be getting to know them, and the people who attend to them. i will find my way through a system that is supposed to improve lives. there will be times when i am discouraged and tired, but i pray for the occasional gift of not just a great medical case, but a display of the part of God that He has left in us.

it is a pity that writing about interesting patients is a serious offence that can find me suspended. considering the amount of time i will be spending with them, i guess it’ll be hard to not share what i learn from them. maybe i’ll try my luck asking for permission to write about the ones who teach me life-long lessons, stories that are too good to keep to myself.

i hope i will be even more humbled in the next couple of years. humble to take criticism, humble to admit that i am ignorant, humble to recognise that i am a servant to the sick, that everything i learn i owe it to them.

i also hope i’ll never be too busy to write. do wish me the best.


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