a new chapter

my state is, for the first time, not under the rule of the national coalition. i have a new menteri besar, a new state assemblyman, and a new member of parliament.

i have no idea how things will work out, or how they should work out. i can only hope for the best.

but a new chapter is precisely what we need. a breath of fresh air. a change in atmosphere. we may not know if this change is for better or for worse, but we’ve taken a chance and now we’ll reap the outcomes of our votes.

perhaps the people are most worried about which parties will form coalitions, or who will be the new prime minister in the unlikely event that the current leader resigns. but i guess those are worries that no one can see the solution to for the time being.

i’m just going to keep my fingers crossed and my prayers focused and see how God moves in this country.


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