an idol issue

it bothers me that the american idol judges have labelled the current batch of contestants as the most talented yet. hello? has everyone forgotten season 5 already? don’t the names taylor hicks, katharine mcphee, elliot yamin and chris daughtry ring a bell anymore?

anyway, i won’t be able to follow the competition as closely as i would like to this time around thanks to the fact that i now spend more than half my time away from an astro decoder.

it doesn’t mean i don’t have my favourites though. as usual, i’m partial to the guys – how could any girl not be, considering how ridiculously cute they are this time? haha.

but that’s besides the point.

here’s my top 6.

michael johns

i love him because he’s got frontman quality. however, his good looks are not gonna help him much in the competition. the sad truth is that his voice isn’t good enough and he looks lonely without a band behind him. he’s like a poor man’s version of chris daughtry. but i’ll still root for him although he’s average among the best because he’s the best among the average. ok fine, that wasn’t very reassuring.

moving on.

brooke white

she’s an angel that not only sings, but stays away from R-rated movies as well. one point for the goody-two-shoes-mormons! she may have had her share of criticism, but she’s just fabulous when she starts singing. i like her unrealistically wholesome resume, but again i doubt she’d go all the way.

david archuleta

i have yet to find anyone who dislikes him. he’s young, fresh, unpolished, adorably shy…and best of all, he sings like a pro. brilliant. i look forward to his performances every week. definitely a top 3 contender, as long as he grows in confidence on-stage and off.

carly smithson

the irish girl with the kickarse tattoo! she has a fabulous voice and she sings like a pro because she is a pro, but i think she’ll have a tough time convincing people that she deserves to win more than the others who are miles younger but are almost as talented as she is.

david cook

the main reason i love him is his ability to come up with unique arrangements of the songs he sings. he could very well have been a contestant in rockstar inxs, judging from his original interpretations of old favourites. anyone who can make lionel richie’s “hello” not corny definitely has my vote!

ramiele malubay

people are calling her the paris (bennett, from that all-star season 5) of season 7, and rightly so. she’s small, big voice, and too cute. waaaaay too cute. haha. of course, that alone wouldn’t be sufficient to see her through, but like david, she’s young, fresh and unpolished and she’d be a great american idol winner. good schtuff!

if the competition were based on vocal skills alone, the contestants to watch would be david archuleta, carly smithson, chikezie and ramiele. however, i feel the one person with the complete package would be dave cook. record-ready, looks great, got a bit of a cocky air about him…total rock star material.

well, those are the ones i will be looking forward to every week. man, i hope the final 10 will deliver and live up to the standard set by the lovely batch that was season 5.

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