from the clutter in my brain

i’m rediscovering angsty alternative music. aren’t i too old? shouldn’t i be tut-tutting at the guys in sneakers, skinny jeans and mops for hair? i should be frowning disapprovingly at the whingy lyrics and shallow observations on life and girls, no? but here i am, enjoying every minute of the music video on telly, featuring a band with a scruffy frontman in a suit, playing a song with just one chord and some marching band drumming going on.

maybe it’s time to start acquiring alternative music by bands and singers with odd names and raspy voices again. then i can spout obscure album names and quote lyrics from songs about unfair parents and sugar-coated summers on this blog, hence elevating my status back to “music elitist who thinks it’s cool to listen to music no one else has ever heard of“, a rank i have long been demoted from ever since i became a serious twat and lost my sense of humour.

i must have been lacking protein in my diet. i have a sudden craving for red meat. grwl.

still, that should be perfectly understandable especially since i have cheese on toast for brekkie, chappati with dhal and curry sauce for lunch, and random leftovers for dinner almost every day in seremban.

anyone wants to take me out to dinner and buy me steak/lamb shanks/pork knuckles?

for the longest time, my father has been trying to get his two tomboy daughters to finally dress up, make up and behave like ladies. he hasn’t been very successful with the latter, but i’ve recently decided to stop being too lackadaisical about my appearance. hence the contact lenses (ok fine they were originally bought for tomboy purposes i.e. futsal and running) and makeup and unhealthy obsession to lose weight.

however, i never realised exactly how dependent i have become on the trusty tools in my makeup bag until i opened my duffel bag last night and realised that i left my entire kit in seremban.

aargh. aargh.

yes yes inner beauty and all that, but i have horrendous dark circles (i’m a medical student, they’re compulsory) that make me look like a character out of “sweeney todd“. aargh! whattodo whattodo???

i do not feel like i’m in the position to do anything holy like leading cell group and ministering to people. i don’t deserve to. but i will have to, later tonight. maybe i haven’t been hearing from the Holy Spirit much lately, but He’ll have to do the talking. i cannot bear to be hypocritical. =(

it’s gonna be a great weekend!


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