you keep me coming back for more

there are some things that are impossible to ignore – the spicy aroma of chicken curry simmering in the kitchen, the tenderness in a mother’s voice, the passion in a poet’s words, and the chemistry between friends or lovers; people who are meant to be involved in each other’s lives.

that is the only way to describe the electricity between maroon 5 and ‘it’ girl rihanna in their collaboration on the track “if i never see your face again“, off maroon 5’s latest album “it won’t be soon before long“.

drawing from the same energy that fueled the success of their debut effort, “songs about jane“, maroon 5 has added a sexier, pop-laced edge to their long-awaited record and has turned up the temperature with rihanna’s presence on the new single.

it is hardly surprising how well the combination has worked. rihanna is best known for the excitement she brings with every song and every music video while maroon 5 are perhaps most (in)famously associated with less-than-demure visual interpretations of their songs, which largely deal with the drama that ensues in relationships.

the explosive energy in the coming together of these two mega acts has resulted in a record that should definitely not be missed. like the appeal of a lips and tongue burning curry, it can only keep you coming back for more.

(yes i know the similes are vomit-inducing cheesy, but i want the cd okay? lol)

1. who is the lead singer of maroon 5?: adam levine
2. what was maroon 5’s original name?: kara’s flower
3. name the guest singer in “if i never see your face again“: rihanna

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