originality is dead

i love deviantart, i really do. i believe art should be shared and appreciated and people should be able to critique each other’s work. anything for the improvement of one’s art, no? however, i hate blatant plagiarism, with no acknowledgment given where it’s due.

so it is with disgust that i discovered several photographs, totally similar to each other, with no credit to whoever came up with the original idea.

l-r: possible impossible by mschilli, kiss me love me by livetocode, kiss by khizana

there was one more photograph, double kiss by dradford, that was taken along the same line as the pictures above, but at least the artist had the decency to acknowledge his source of inspiration.

i know that most art is birthed out of inspiration from other works of art, but there is no better word to describe the above than plagiarism. it’s theft. it’s wrong. and worst of all, it discredits the people above as artists.

what a pity. the concept’s lovely and sickeningly sweet. unfortunately, now we’ll never know who the kudos goes to.


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