what’s for dinner?

it’s no secret that i love waking up just that little earlier in the morning to make myself a good breakfast. whether it be sausage-and-cheese omelettes or toad-in-the-hole (aka the “v for vendetta” toast) or mushroom soup and toast, i’ve done ’em all.

i care alot less for lunch and dinner. i used to do without lunch altogether, but that ended the moment i entered clinical school and found myself on my feet from 730am in the morning till past noon. the hunger pangs. man.

as for dinner, i like it fuss-free, which translates to “instant noodles or biscuits” in student-speak. that means if i want a semi-nutritious dinner, i’ll have to spend time sauteeing chopped onions and peeling vegetables – time which is better spent watching youtube studying. no wonder most students would rather burn some of that rm2.70/litre petrol and head out for meals.

however, my ever-expanding girth demands that i have dinner at home most of the time. so yeah. here are some of my attempts at cooking.

fried rice with fishballs. i didn’t have any soy sauce so the rice came out looking anaemic. thankfully i had cabbage and carrots to add some colour to the dish, or the appearance alone would drain my appetite. although the fishballs gave me some much-needed protein (lunch is obscenely carb-laden), it would have tasted better if i had some minced meat or something to go into the rice.

steamed fish with cabbage and carrots (again). yes, it’s another mass of green and red. this time i bought some frozen pollack, marinated it with honey, soy sauce and chopped ginger. then, i steamed the fish and placed it on top of the stir-fried veg. it tasted pretty good, actually. and i learnt not to steam fish for too long despite being paranoid about eating undercooked seafood.

this was what i had for dinner last night – rice, otak-otak and veg with minced chicken, garlic and soy sauce. i don’t like rice, but where there’s chilli, there my appetite will be. i finished the lot. i was famished anyway. it was past 8pm by the time i sat down to dinner.

so there you have it. my misadventures in the kitchen. the fact that i am still alive and well is a good indication of how my cooking skills have served me so far. i’m still too embarrassed to share the fruits of my labour with anyone else, but i have two years to work on it. hopefully i’d be confident enough by then.


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