about nothing

it’s ironic how the one weekend i didn’t bring my laptop home, i had a million things to look up on the internet and a thousand more to blog about. but now that i’m back in seremban and the connection’s having a rare good moment, i’ve forgotten pretty much every thought that passed through my mind over the last two days. whoopee.

so here’s a blog post about nothing. it exists simply because i want to write something, anything, and nothing happens to be exactly what i want to write about. i’m not even bothered to give a quick summary of things like i usually do. my life isn’t all that interesting, really. it’s back to the wards for clerking and case presentations today and then a clinical skills session i neither studied nor practiced for.

i blame the apathy on the fact that i find surgery tedious and boring, despite having the best lecturers around to guide me through these 7 weeks. they’re the most amazing group of doctors i’ve met so far and i am sad that i’m not doing their efforts any justice. they’re very humble for a bunch of people who (unfortunately) name procedures after themselves.

anyway. blog post about nothing. let’s see what the week will yield.

edit: lalala nadal won wimbledon! wheeeeeeeeee…=)


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