crossing the road

you’re a liar who is incapable of producing original work.
you’re a sloth who only lives to get by.
you’re a selfish hoarder who won’t share.
you’re a judge who can’t see your own faults.
you’re an egomaniac who must always be right.
you’re a hypocrite who preaches good values yet displays none.
you’re a coward who is hoping for someone else to cover your arse.

and i have nightmares featuring exaggerations of you, coming at me with your corrupt characters. and i am screaming, refusing to give in to the anger, frustration, disillusionment you bring. i am resisting, choosing to cross the road to avoid your onslaught.

yet the learned helplessness that is packaged along with it makes me wonder if there’s really any point to it all.

you think i’m a docile lamb that will do your beck and call. if you knew me then, you’d think differently. for now, i’m crossing the road and staying out of your way, but the day will come when you will force a confrontation. i’m praying for your sake and mine that it will not happen.


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