not done yet

you know what, mum?” i said, after my mother read me a news report about a certain government body buying rm700 worth of tools and putting rm1500 on the bill, “there are two groups of people in my generation – those who are gonna run, and the ones who still have faith in malaysia and wanna give it a shot here.

for the first group, they’re all set to leave and make their trade elsewhere. who can blame them? if you wanna make a comfortable living, this isn’t the best place to do it. as for the second group, that’s the one that will potentially change the nation. however, with every report in the newspaper highlighting the corrupt, rotten core of this country, that hope dies and learned helplessness sets in.

my generation will become the leaders of malaysia within the next 20-30 years. what’s going to happen if our optimism and belief eventually runs out? what if there really isn’t anyone who is willing to step up and be the example of righteousness this country needs? what’s going to happen to this nation then?

that was sunday morning.

on sunday night, i was reminded of who exactly is the example of righteousness – the God of this city, the King of these people, the Lord of this nation. i am floored by the fact that the words we sang were literally given by inspiration from God, prophetic words about how God is not done with this country yet.

and if He, the most Holy, hasn’t given up on our sorry butts…what excuse do we have for abandoning this place?

i made my way back to seremban at the crack of dawn yesterday. instead of driving in the stupor i usually am in during the journey, i looked at the plantations outside, the highway, the cars overtaking me and i am amazed that it all belongs to Him.

to be honest, sometimes i am jealous that my friends have heard the call to go to indonesia, the african nations, eastern europe. how exciting! exotic! how wonderful it is to tell people that, “God has summoned me out of my birthplace to preach His word to peoples of the world!

but more and more i hear God say that my place is here. i don’t know for how long. i don’t know exactly what i can do, should do, will do. but i am humbled that He loves my country and every single person here – christian, atheist, politician, whatever. after all, malaysians are part of the “peoples of the world“, aren’t we?

i just hope i carry this reminder with me for my whole life.


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