a conversation

hey, do you work at the pharmacy?
no, i don’t. i’m a medical student here.
oh. i saw you walking past the pharmacy just now. anyway, you must be one of those students whose parents spend 1 million ringgit to send overseas to study. ever thought of how you can repay your parents?
haha there’s no way i can ever repay my parents for what they have invested in me!
well, you can always try. by the way, are you a christian?
yes, i am.
that’s great, then. make sure you do your absolute best in this life, okay?
yes, sir.

he was what? in his late-60s? and he turned around to make small talk with me, a stranger getting to her car, just to slip in a word about Jesus.

it may not be the method of evangelism of choice in every situation or with every person, but you’ve got to give the guy some credit for trying! i think that’s what really counts.


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