indonesia in a nutshell

indonesia can be best described as a mildly uncomfortable assault of all five senses. the traffic is too noisy, the food is too sweet, the dust is blinding, the heat is blistering, the smoke comes at you in clouds. it’s overwhelming. i was overwhelmed from day one. the friendly people were exceedingly nice. the dishonest ones were cunning thieves. there is no balance in that country. you were at one end or the other.

i emerged from it all pretty dazed and a little off-center.

i’m glad i had some very level-headed traveling companions who kept me relaxed and laughing as we weaved through crazy busy roads on mini minibuses and ate things that were not all agreeable to our palates. if it weren’t for them, i’d never have been able to survive 7 days in that crowd of a country called indonesia.

thanks ben, red, michelle, howai, adrian and ed. =)


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