it was good, it is over

the weekend’s over and here i am in seremban, procrastinating on writing the last two parts of the report due tomorrow.

it’s been a good weekend. i caught up with a friend who seems alot happier than she used to be, praise God. i went home and had dinner with my family. i watched some pretty cool live performances. i went to a film festival and a fabulous bazaar. i had a haircut. i was rather sleepy at church (heh) but heard a powerful word that has left me with much to think, pray and take action about. i watched united play for the first time in goodness knows how many weeks. i overslept this morning but managed to read the sunday paper from cover to cover. i had the longest conversation with a stranger which did not end in the exchanging of email addresses. and i had mcd fries while driving back to seremban.

taking pleasures in the little things makes it less of a chore to be happy, but it bugs me that i am so easily contented. i’m not sure if it’s that good a thing.

nevertheless, i had a good weekend. but it’s over now and i’m back to reality. time to whip out the books and finish that darned report.


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