brand new toy

well, my new phone doesn’t transform into a segway, but it sure is handy! of course i had the initial, “oh no should i really have splurged like that?!” moment and the rationalisation that followed on its heels, but i guess there’s no space for regret and i should just be very happy that i have a brand new toy!

introducing my lovely SEw910i!

it plays music, takes photographs, makes calls and sends text messages…which is all i need, really. i’m a bit concerned that the 3G features won’t be done any justice, but heck. everything else is pretty good! at least i don’t need to get an mp3 player to replace the ol’ creative muvo that has faithfully served me from the day i won it at a lucky draw till the day its sound connections developed problems.

so yes, i have a new phone. i got it at a good trade-in value for the old one, which was a total bonus. yay.

anyway, that’s all. sekian, terima kasih.


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