not impressive

everytime i update my curriculum vitae, i look at the ever-diminishing list of achievements and skills i have, compare them to the overachieving peers i call my best friends, and feel like a total failure.

i can’t help but think that somewhere along the line, i lost my desire to do more things, learn more things and make myself a valuable human being. or at least be impressive on paper. sigh.

part of me wants to blame my parents who have constantly berated me for joining in school/college/varsity activities instead of resting, studying. but if that has never stopped me in the past, why has it stopped me now?

sorry, it’s 5 minutes shy of 6am, i’ve snoozed my way through 2 hours of potential study time and i have exams that i am not prepared for in the afternoon. just feeling a little sorry for myself and throwing my sorry self a pity party.

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