no reason

i’ve looked for love in stranger places
but never found someone like you
someone whose smile makes me feel i’ve been holding back
and now there’s nothing i can’t do

cause this is real, and this is good
it warms the inside just like it should
but most of all it’s built to last

all of our friends saw from the start
so why didn’t we believe it too?
now look where we are, you’re in my heart now
and there’s no escaping it for you

walking on the hills at night with those fireworks and candlelight
you and i were made to get love right

cause you are the sun in my universe
consider the best when we felt the worst
and most of all it’s built to last
– “built to last” by melee

i’m feeling pretty happy today.

why? no reason, really. perhaps it’s this song, that capped my evening. a band i’ve not heard of, a song with the sweetest lyrics, and a music video that draws laughs and well as sighs. or maybe because i’ve had the most carefree weekend in ages and i spent it with the people i love. my niece has grown exponentially, i gave my dog a bath this morning, and i completed a couple of tasks i gave myself to do.

i have a new posting to look forward to – psychiatry, formerly my first choice of specialty for the future – and since it has almost nothing to do with medicine or surgery, i’m looking forward to the challenge of applying whatever i’ve learnt from my last 6 postings in a field that deals more with the mind than the body.

anyway, i’m happy tonight. tomorrow morning i will make my way back to seremban, john mayer rocking it out on my cd player, a smile on my face and an eye on the fuel indicator (rats i forgot to top up my tank!).

but hey, it’s a cool night and i’m gonna sleep early, feeling happy. tomorrow can wait.


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