who i am

this is to remind myself more than anything else…

1. sunday nov23, 2pm to 330pm. kids’ school holiday program volunteers training.
2. saturday nov29, 8am to 6pm. kids’ school holiday program
3. saturday&sunday dec6&7. malacca getaway with da saints yo!
4. monday dec8, 7pm. 1am click thanksgiving dinner.
5. saturday dec13, 7am. kampung angkat mobile clinic volunteering.

it’s gonna be a heck of a month! sometimes i wonder what i’m doing by committing myself to so many things, but honestly, this is where i’m most “in the zone“. i’m happiest when doing things and spending time with people who show that they’re glad that i can join in the things they enjoy doing too.

of course i also love time to chill at home and do nothing but make my parents happy by being around. but sometimes, i just want to be the girl who can’t stay in the house for more than a couple of hours because that’s who i am.

i’ve been stifled for so long, it’s about time to break away and be myself.


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