rafa is king!

rafa is king! in a t-shirt too, which is a total improvement from the sleeveless tops of yore. mayn. can you believe he’s only 23? what the heck.

anyway, i just spent 4 hours of potential study/ward time watching this guy remind roger federer why he’s no longer world no.1. his resilience at going after every single “inevitable” winning point was incredible! phwoar.

if there’s one thing i admire about athletes, it’s the fact that they show the rest of the world what the human body is capable of achieving if only we’d get off our butts and start playing sports instead of watching other people work out.


alright, time to make up for those 4 hours. i am gonna give my kids spanish names, and rafael will be on the top of the list. hehe. bimbo moment. ok study. bye!


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