one day soon

i met a house officer during the staff-student prayer meet last week. we walked out of the meeting room together and had a little chat. she told me how she had originally wanted to make music a career and was a reluctant medical student. for the first 2 years of medical school, she goofed off and hated what she was doing.

however, in her third year, she walked into a paediatric ward and realised that she was…happy. for the first time, she didn’t dread waking up and going to the wards in the morning.

after that revelation, she was driven and determined to make the most out of her studies. she successfully overcame the deficit left by her two years of wilderness, graduated and is now on track to becoming a paediatrician.

i couldn’t help but think…when will that happen to me?

it’s not just about choosing a specialty, but discovering the passion that will be the engine, driving factor in my life. or, as pc always puts it, find something that bothers me, keeps me awake at night, something that i cannot stand not doing.

when will that happen?

with patience and obedience and faith…one day, maybe. one day soon.


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