thou shalt not have idols

i love american idol. i think i’ve blogged about the last few seasons (which reminds me…what happened to melinda?!) and i’m really excited about the current one because, well, the talent just keeps getting better!

i know the top 36 have only just been selected and the first lot of them are only scheduled to sing tomorrow, but i already have a couple of favourites and i hope hope hope that they do well. here goes…my top 6 (so far)…

danny gokey

simply. amazing. wow. phwoar. woot! he’s undoubtedly the one to look out for as long as he keeps choosing the right songs because…wow. seriously. WOW.

jasmine murray

honestly, i think she sounded alot better during the auditions and somehow went downhill during hollywood week, but there’s no denying that she’s got talent, soul and a likability that’s lacking in some of the finalists *cough*tatiana*cough*.

michael sarver

this construction worker has music in his bones. not as “wow” as danny (danny!!!!!!!) but still fantastic in his own right. my mother likes him, and my mother is never wrong when it comes to judging how people sing.

alexis grace

alexis reminds me of corrine bailey rae. only she’s not british. and not black. maybe like duffy but without the cool retro vibe. whatever. ok fine she’s just alexis. keep your eyes on her!

anoop desai

he. is. NOT. another. sanjaya. nonononono! anoop is his own person, he is fabulous, he does not have strange hairstyles and does not give off odd vibes. he just sings great, sounds great and is great. me love.

adam lambert

he’s got the name of a superstar. he looks like a superstar. he already sings for a living (albeit on broadway). the title is his to lose. i would love to see a adam vs danny final this season! budden it’s too early to tell right now. plus only danny leaves me speechless. adam has quite a way to go haha.

yup that’s my top 6 for this season. i wish there were more girls, but this is another season where the guys are more outstanding at the moment. however, it really is too early to write them off and we’ve seen alot of contestants improve enough to overtake the early favourites, so i guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

aah so excited! i can watch most of the season this time! whee!


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