chuck abuse

i have two pairs of old converse sneakers. one’s pink. one’s navy blue. one’s a hi-top. the other’s low cut. one fits me just right. the other’s a little tight. the pink pair’s been a tad bleached when i was cleaning its soles and insides. the navy one is a bit faded around the heels.

they’re both blank canvases screaming to be abused by a faux artist like me. i’m thinking acrylic paint, sharpies, lace as laces, applique, studs, yarn, new linings, fabric glue.

oh how i love the holidays! =)

p/s: if you have an old pair you’d like to donate (or sell really cheap!), lemme know. i also accept old art supplies, especially acrylic/fabric paint and fabric glue. like alot of artists, i’m kinda poor.


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