i was originally gonna post about this and say something about laws and all that complicated-but-really-is-kinda-simple-if-you’re-an-idealistic-twat-like-me stuff, but i am kinda emo today because i wish i can have nice conversations and good company and beautiful weddings to dress up for and cry at every day…but i can’t.

so instead, i’m gonna ask for opinions on whether or not i should make the following purchases. as you can see, i’m being a good malaysian by spending money even in times of economic crisis. malaysia boleh.

first up…oxford booties. yes, i know they are sooooooo 2007 honey, but i love them. thanks to the wonderful world of blog shops, i came across two designs that i like.

they cost rm65 and rm85 respectively, exclusive of postal charges. hmm.

i also have my eyes on a polaroid 600 camera that’s going for rm250. the film’s still being sold, which is a bonus, but i’m not sure what i should be paying for it since it’s no longer manufactured. i love polaroid instant cameras. so kitschy.


i want grissolm and sara and warrick and speedle and alexx back. and i want danny gokey to win american idol eventhough adam lambert is one hawt gay guy. sigh. i wanna be a lotus eater of the maugham variety.


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