baby, i’m bad news

so it’s my week off, after an agonizing 5 days of physical and psychological pain last week. as usual, there’s a whole lot of things for me to do, but i am probably gonna end up procrastinating, facebooking and babysitting my lovely niece.

just a digression…i read in the papers today that english teachers are discouraged from teaching the “i before e, except after c” rule in class because there are too many exceptions for it to be applied effectively. however, it was that rule that helped me spell “niece” correctly in the previous paragraph and it is that rule that has saved me lots of embarrassment with the word “receive“. for some reasons, i can never spell that word right. hmm.

back to your regular programming.

so anyway, i am probably gonna squander this week away. and i’m asking myself, just why would i do that? it’s the one week off before i go head on into the final block of this semester, this glorious glorious semester, and i am gonna wake up late instead of go jogging? watch endless hours of television while keeping an eye on my niece instead of studying? flip through photo albums on facebook instead of following up with people in real life? watch diy fashion recons instead of doing something about the piles of tshirts and long-neglected garments in my closet?


gotta get off my butt and get “portions for foxes” by rilo kiley out of my head.


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