sweat and smoke

overheard at the manchester united training session at bukit jalil:

hey, that’s rooney. ROOOOOOONNAAAAAAY!!! oh wait it’s not him.

we love you ronaldo!!!” – wth?!

michael owen? oh he’s that short one in front of berbatov. that’s the one with the greasy hair.

so all the old farts are here, the young ones are there and the middle bunch are over there?

wah, mereka memang sangat tinggi. tinggi sial.

*SCREAAAAAAAMMMMM!*courtesy of the smoking bloke next to me, at every sighting of wayne rooney.

(girl in liverpool jersey walks past) “a little confused, isn’t she?

i still remember asking requesting bribing begging a friend for passes to united’s training session the last time they came to malaysia, almost 10 years ago.

we were on the bus and i, being a poor secondary school student, was trying to cajole him into not only giving me one of the two passes he had (he actually wanted to sell it, the nerve!), but to help me out with transportation as well because there was no way my parents would make the trip to kl just so i could watch a couple of men stretch and jog and practice passing the ball to each other.

it was an unsuccessful negotiation, and it became one of the most emo periods of my emo-filled teenage life.

it is no surprise then that i am shaking with excitement this weekend. i rushed straight from seremban the very minute my class ended at 430pm just to make it in time for the training session, eventhough i told myself i’d check out the traffic first and then decide if i really want to spend a tired evening out in the middle of a crowd of maybe 4000 people to watch my favourite team in the whole wide world stretch and jog and practice passing the ball to each other.

well, the traffic was awful (duh) and i was exhausted after a full day of clinics, case presentations and seminars, but as i inched through the horrendous mass of vehicles i decided that i really did want to be there.

and i am happy. even if i didn’t get to mob ryan giggs because for the life of me i couldn’t see where the team’s van/bus was located. even if i forgot my camera. even if i emerged from the stadium covered in sweat and smoke and got myself a higher risk of developing lung carcinoma.

i am happy.

and i get to be happy all over again tomorrow! =)


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