not awkward

a couple of months ago my friends and i were at the sports medicine clinic, doing as many drawer tests on as many knees as possible, when a young man walked into the room. he was dressed in football attire (a little pretentious, i thought, since he was hobbling and obviously did not just come from or was going to a football match), was quite a looker and had an athlete’s physique.

as the doctor queried about his recently busted knee, i noticed that he kept looking over at one of the girls in my group, the prettiest one there. he continued throwing her smiles and glances throughout the consultation and eventually she became uncomfortable enough to sit as far as she could from him.

when it was time to say goodbye, he shook the doctor’s hand and gave my friend one last smile before he walked out.

it was all i could do not to burst out in giggles during the entire session and we teased her about it relentlessly once clinic hours were over. she was terribly embarrassed by the attention, although she admitted that the guy was pretty cute (uh yeah, he was!), and it never really occurred to her that a patient could make his…what’s the word? attraction? err…? whatever. that he could make it so obvious.


anyway, yes medical ethics and professionalism and all that, but seriously. what if a patient catches your eye? what if you get butterflies when that ridiculously attractive no-ring-on-his-finger-or-around-his-neck HO comes and checks on you? heartbeats and breath sounds have been shared…surely it can’t be awkward?

oh goodness i had such a long day today.


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