i drove home after class on friday. it was just 2:15pm but there was a horrendous crawl southbound for the 20km stretch between nilai and seremban. i thanked my lucky stars that i was heading the opposite direction and just as i got past the congestion somewhere near the nilai r&r about 3km before the traffic came to a standstill, i saw some cars tailgating on the left lane on the other side, complete with flashing headlights and plain bad manners.

i chuckled, knowing that just 2 or 3 minutes later, they’ll find themselves in the thick of traffic, unable to move more than a couple of inches an hour, perhaps even lagging behind the cars they have bullied into giving way not long ago.

serves them right.

my mother remained silent when i mentioned that a friend of mine was saying bye-bye to bachelorhood this weekend. i didn’t think too much of it until later that night when she said, “you know, i’m not that worried la because you should probably know that if you’re looking for a life partner it’s better to find one before more of them get married.

10 points for stating the obvious, mum.

i have figured out how i’m gonna get people to join me for my great euro grad trip next september. all i have to do is come up with the itinerary, sell it tirelessly, and once people express their interest, get them to sign a contract that specifically says NO BACKING OUT in any circumstances whatsoever.

my sister, brother-in-law, uncle and an assortment of friends are lawyers. so don’t pray pray. just go to europe with me PLEASE!

i think i should slot in some studying this week. hmm.

selamat hari raya aidilfitri everyone!


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