7 days in melbourne, part 4

this is gonna be the last of my “7 days in melbourne” series. i’m just gonna edit the whole batch and upload it on facebook sometime this week. but in the meantime…

day 1hosier lane

we’re back on hosier lane today, where the graffiti keeps screaming out to the creative side of me, resurfacing old loves and desires, hanging out old dirty laundry to dry. i miss this place.

day 2yarra river

there’s a gourmet hotdog stall just outside the bars along the yarra river. i had a duck and pistaschio sausage served with sauerkraut, all for 8 dollars 50 cents. water was pleasantly free.

after lunch, my friend and i climbed out from under the sidewalk beside the river and i was greeted by two beautiful vespas parked next to the bridge. melbourne could very well have been italy, judging by the number of scooters around the city.

day 3st. kilda

i love this picture of the tram stop in st. kilda, on my way home. it’s the last stop for that particular tram and it made its turn right there at the rails where i was standing. i didn’t get to explore more of the town because i was tired and the wind was wearing me out, but my aunt said that there’s lots of greek pastry shops there.

ah well. next trip then. =)

day 4melbourne museum

did i mention that there were 6-7 schools at the melbourne museum on the day i went? it was madness!

day 5queen victoria market

another one of my rare shots of food. these are as authentic as churros can get. made fresh by a spanish family in a small truck parked inside victoria market, they tasted like yau char kwai but with icing sugar. very delicious, very filling and extremely oily!

day 6brunswick street

it’s official. i want a lomo.

day 7chapel

the photographs taken on my last day in melbourne were the most boring of the lot, but i guess they reflect my mood that day. i was sad to leave, but i was also eager to recuperate back home before the demanding semester ahead.

this church made a fine model but i was too sapped of energy to do it any justice. i just liked the bright blue billboard proclaiming Jesus’ trustworthiness contrasted against the rich red of the building’s bricks. my friend probably did a better job at photographing the place with his vintage cameras.

that’s all for the blogposts about my week in melbourne. i miss it alot and i still wonder how things might have been if i had gone there, but what i have right now is pretty darn good. hari raya goodies, shopping with my mother and sister, the familiarity of home…

…the grass here is green enough for me.


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