no real expectations

for the first time, i went to singapore with no real expectations. the plans to cycle at east coast park fell through as people stated their unavailability in turn, i didn’t really send out a frantic string of emails confirming plans until, err, 2 hours before i was due to leave, and i bumped into people i didn’t expect to meet.

on friday, we took almost an hour to decide where to go for breakfast and only came up with the plan to walk the hort park trails to a mall about 2-3km away as we passed it on the bus. the restaurant we wanted to have dinner at was full so we went to the one next door, and ended up eating steamboat in an air-conditioned admin office, complete with an office girl who punched out just as we were about to eat. one of us scored 10 dollars at the top-up machine so we got ourselves chicken wings at a pub that was showing classic england vs scotland matches on, get this, vhs.

the next day, i got onto the wrong trains and wore the wrong shoes to brunch. there, i found out that what we were really having was breakfast and that brunch was served from 12-3pm…seriously?! my feet killed me as i went to a very impressive designers’ exhibition at the courthouse. it was the first time i’ve entered the building although it has always been a favourite of mine to photograph. there was a rugby match at the padang so i rested my feet while watching a bunch of men in bumble-bee jerseys pile on top of each other in pursuit of a try. right before it poured, i went back to pack and said goodbye to all my friends who had dinner plans, before heading out for dinner too. an hour of duck rice and conversation later, it was off to the train station and home.

it wasn’t the most restful of vacations and i probably would have had more of a so-called break if i stayed in kl. but the change of environment, away from the children’s shows of home and the dreariness of seremban, was welcome and i feel just that little bit happier now.


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