i’m back!

okay first of all, I PASSED! wheeeeeeeeee!!! final semester here i come!

secondly, yes i have finally decided to leave blogspot and move to wordpress. it’s long overdue and the haloscan incident was the final straw. i don’t really have the energy to continue tweaking an old template just because i love it (oh man i am gonna miss the old template!) and it’s high time i’ve made the move anyway.

there’s alot to get used to on this blog and i’m gonna have to figure out how to move the old sidebar and the many links i’ve put up. i spent way too much time photoshopping people’s blog headers to just not have them anymore! but i predict i won’t have the patience to.

guess i might have to completely say goodbye to the old setup. sigh.

anyway, blogging shall resume pretty soon. i’ve lost all my comments thanks to haloscan, but when it’s time to move on, it’s time to move on.

looking forward to a great wordpress experience with y’all. =)

3 responses to “i’m back!

  1. housewarming gift!

  2. why did u decide to shift?

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