what. the. crap.

my father has a thorn in the side of his hand. it got stuck there several weeks ago while he was doing a bit of gardening. he had trouble getting it out, so he did what the stereotypical man did – he left it there and didn’t tell anyone but my mother.

obviously, an inflammation ensued and a nice little granuloma was formed.

it was not until i saw him picking on it one day that i found out what happened. i advised him to either get it excised by a doctor or just leave it alone. the inflammation was contained anyway and no amount of picking was going to remove it.

he didn’t listen to me.

which brings me to today when my father, who has a freaking doctorate degree, suddenly made a fuss about my mother not knowing how to get the thorn out with a needle. he then proceeded to snip away at the hardened tissue with a pair of scissors while i voiced my protest at his actions. i explained to him that the thorn’s been surrounded by tissue already due to the inflammatory process and that if he kept picking at it, he’s only asking for an infection to occur.

for someone who is so intelligent, i was frustrated at how dense my father was today. he then proceeded to say that my lack of action – and by action he prolly expected me to attempt to sterilise a cutting blade and excise the granuloma – was comparable to my uncle, who’s a dentist, never giving any of us dental checkups.

first, my uncle’s practice is in taiwan. secondly, would you want a dentist to look into your mouth and mess with your teeth without the right tools around? finally, i remember my uncle bringing back tonnes of dental supplies for the family; it was the family that didn’t want to learn how to floss or brush with an electric toothbrush or use mouthwash. whose fault is that? my uncle’s?

fine, i have to put up with the fact that my father isn’t perfect because i’m not perfect either. but was all that sarcasm necessary? if he didn’t want to listen to what i had to say, he shouldn’t have asked in the first place. and what is the point of having a daughter who is (hopefully) gonna be a doctor by the end of the year when you’re not gonna give what she says any weight whatsoever?

for the first time these holidays, i felt completely and utterly sick of my family. am actually a little glad i’m moving tomorrow.


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