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my final semester is, put simply, yet another new challenge. the timetable hasn’t changed much, but the expectations have increased dramatically. the curriculum is designed to give us a glimpse of what it’s like to be a house officer and it certainly reflects the kind of work lifestyle we have observed our seniors go through during our last 2 years of clinical exposure. ward rounds, then clinics, endless paperwork, 36-hour “calls”, presentations, assessments…all of which span 7 days and not the 5-day working weeks that we have become used to.

the semester coordinator said it best when he told us that we will either find the next 5 months highly enjoyable or an absolute torture, with no real spectrum in between. i’m just glad that i type a very average 66 words a minute and enjoy reading papers. however, i am keeping my fingers crossed about dealing with the sleep deprivation because i am notorious for falling asleep in class even with 8 hours of sleep in the bag and i cannot afford to miss any details this semester.

but it’s early days yet and i am starting with what is supposedly the “easiest” posting – paediatrics (although how children’s medicine is “easy” is anyone’s guess) – so i’m grateful for the space i have to settle down proper in this chisel rock town. let’s see how things go from here.


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