outside in

it’s rather embarrassing to admit this now, but i have never had a proper skin care regime. good skin runs in my family and i have always taken it for granted. i’ve popped every zit, never put sunscreen on, and it’s not till recently that i’ve taken a good look in the mirror and realised that as superficial as it is, i should take better care of myself.

vanity is only vanity when we place most of our self-worth on how we look. my mistake was underestimating how important how i look can be. just because i’ve become increasingly comfortable with who i am doesn’t mean that others will stop judging me on what’s at the surface and let’s face it – what others think matter to a certain extent.

someone once told me that it takes 28 days to build a habit and just one to break it. i’m about two weeks into a proper cleanser-toner-moisturiser regime…wish me luck for the next 14 days.


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