before 12

when you remove the visuals and let your ears do the judging, things turn out very differently.

so in the midst of my latest “i-should-be-studying-not-streaming-american-idol-online” phase, i would like to revise my initial comments on this season’s contestants and present to you my top 6:

crystal bowersox – to me, she is this season’s danny gokey: an early favourite who will be successful no matter how she places (as long as someone signs her up). i would buy her album, like how i would buy danny gokey’s…even if it’s *urgh* country. i hope she goes all the way to the top 2 so she’ll be guaranteed a contract because this kind of talent cannot and should not be put to waste.

michael lynche – miles better than all the big, african-american men who have graced the american idol stage in the past. if i didn’t love crystal so much, i’d rank michael first! that said, he is more sellable than mamasox. i mean, who doesn’t like a big guy with a big voice? who is unpretentious and (so far) un-corny? not me!

lilly scott – lilly scott is consistent. her voice (and look) isn’t as attractive as didi, but you can rely on her to deliver a good performance and we all know how kris allen made it to the top last season.

didi benami – she loses out to lilly because of her sometimes less-than-desirable song choices. that aside, she’s got a very radio-friendly sound and will be great with a good management team and people who will get her the right songs to sing.

alex lambert – so okay fine, i was wrong about the mullet. i mean, the person with the mullet – the hair still has to go. i think he was sensational with tonight’s performance of “trouble” (ray lamontagne…i love!) and i hope he goes far.

tim urban – as much as it hurts to say this, i owe tim urban an apology. not that he’d care of course – i can’t vote anyway – but i put him down waaay too early. his performance sounded like it came right out of the radio and if he keeps this up, he’ll do very well indeed. most improved of the lot.

the rest of the top 12 (i hope) is: siobahn magnus, lacey brown, katie stevens (out next week, if things stay the way they are), casey james, todrick hall (why oh why did he improve?!), andrew garcia/aaron kelly (i can’t decide!).

if my predictions bomb, i’m gonna stop predicting. haha. but it’s so much fun! okay portfolios!


2 responses to “before 12

  1. Yeah…I think you might wanna stop with the predictions..

  2. haha yeah.

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