fangirl moment

i don’t consider myself much of a fangirl except when it comes to john mayer, ewan mcgregor…and wongfu productions.

like many of their fans, i was introduced to wongfu productions through the video “yellow fever“. i remember exactly who it was who prompted me to look up the short on youtube and i remember the look of dismayed shock on his face when he found out i didn’t know about it. anyway, to cut a long story short, i watched “yellow fever” and ended up devouring every video that philip wang and friends made in college and posted on youtube and fast became a fan.

it’s been great watching the guys graduate, start their own productions company and make not just videos that bring a smile to their viewers’ faces, but commercial stuff for musicians, adverts, movies. their merchandise carries great designs and i just love keeping track of how far they’ve come…eventhough i’m gadzillion miles away.

as much as i wanted to get some stuff from their store, just to lend some support, i can’t exactly afford exorbitant delivery charges on my non-existent salary as a student. so when the same friend who set me off on my career as a wongfu fangirl went over to the states for an exchange and sent me a message about the guys heading to philly for their fall tour, i was like OMGFASTERGETMEADVDAARGH!

and sure enough, he did. =)


so okay fine i didn’t get a tshirt mainly because the one i liked the most was the old “nice girl” t-shirt, the one with the arrows on the back that said “shoulders to lean on” and i don’t think they were available anymore. the shirt in this picture is my favourite design from threadless…it appeals to the movie geek in me. even if i haven’t watched all the movies featured on it. funny all the same. hehe.

but yes the dvd. is. freaking. SIGNED. by ALL. THREE. WONGFU. GUYS.

*fangirl mode*

my all-discerning friend knew i had a long-distance-virtual crush on wesley and so requested that he write a short message for me. hehe. damn shy can.

i chose the “one days hk” dvd because underneath this tough i-don’t-need-anyone exterior, i am a hopeless romantic. who happens to miss hong kong very much. add in the compelling fact that all the shorts were filmed in a day, and i’m sold.

anyway, thanks choon han for lining up for the meet-and-greet, for sending the boys my love, and for only charging me the price of the dvd. i can’t possibly pay for everything else that came with it even if i wanted to, actually. =)

now, if you haven’t done so yet, go watch them wongfu productions videos and read their blog already!


2 responses to “fangirl moment

  1. YAY! OMg….i’m so jealous now la…at least you got a signed DVD, PLUS a personal message from Wes! aih…me won’t shy either la…built up a facewall thick as that in china to ask him for a picture! So sad we couldn’t get a decent one with him at the meet and greet =( better luck nextime!

  2. Hahahahahahaha! Fangirl~ =P

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