the well

legend has it that batu pahat obtained its name from a siamese admiral’s search for water. admiral awi di chu was running from the malaccan army when he and his men stopped by a rocky area. they had to chisel a well out of the rock in order to obtain fresh water. it was probably alot of hard work and i wonder if their efforts were worth it in the end.

today, the well at minyak beku is testament to the water woes that the residents of batu pahat are facing right now. there is nary a drop of water in the storage tank in my roof. the water pressure is so weak that the daily shower seems a chore. every evening, my housemate and i collect water from the main – which, strangely, still provides a good supply of water – and carry bucketful after bucketful of h2o up the stairs into the bathroom. it’s baffling and frustrating, but my housemate complains enough for the two of us so i’d rather just grin and bear it.

sometimes, i think it may actually be easier to chisel my way to water than to deal with this each day. batu pahat sure is one heck of a town.

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