pumped up

three phone calls and a week of frustration later, the water situation at my place of residence has been almost completely resolved. a faulty floater (or whatchamacallit) was replaced, the main supply was turned on, and the storage tank in the roof right above my room is filled once more. i woke up to the sound of the washing machine being put to use again without the manual filling of water into the spinner. then i spent the morning cleaning my room, the corridor outside my room, the stairs and (oh goodness gracious FINALLY) the bathroom.

mopping and cleaning has never felt so good.

right now only the flow of water through the shower head has yet to be restored to its premorbid condition. i’m just gonna say thank you and take whatever i can get.

just as i thought my day couldn’t possibly get any better (yes, i have very low expectations, i know), a kind family decided to bless me with a sumptious seafood lunch and a dose of good caffeine, showing me the kind of hospitality that one usually only receives from one’s immediate family. it was more than i could have asked for and i thank God for them. =)

perhaps it is only right that i climb out of this gloom and doom i’ve been in for the last couple of weeks. it’s only right that i get the engine started once more and get back to work. let’s go!


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