have you ever heard of the myers-briggs type indicator test? no? well, i’ve done the test twice – once fresh out of high school, the second sometime last year – and i’ve changed.

who knew one’s personality could change? perhaps that’s good news for all you girls out there who think your abusive, unfaithful, psychopath of a boyfriend will change for the better once he’s settled down with you (no, he won’t). but anyway.

i’ve changed from an extrovert to an introvert. from a guardian to an inspector. both still very boxy, rigid personalities, but pretty different all the same.

it’s actually not that hard to see the difference. in school i was the one who bossed everyone around. now, i prefer to take care of my responsibilities instead of bothering whether others cared about theirs. perhaps it’s the constant letdowns i’ve experienced, knowing that people in general cannot be relied on and i shouldn’t expect them to be. it’s why i’ve stopped initiating things so much. it’s why i stay in my room all weekend.

it’s why i am bored out of my mind.

when i first found out that i’ve changed, i thought it was a good thing. it gave me some kind of hope that, you know, if the limited experience i’ve had in the 6 or 7 years between the two tests i’ve taken has managed to change me, who knows how i could be further moulded in the future? but now when i think about it, i wasn’t that broken as an 18-year-old and i wasn’t that malleable either. so why the need to fix or change something that ain’t broke?


4 responses to “e/i

  1. Er, just because you bossed people around that does not make you an extrovert.

    I would know – I am the most anti-social introvert you will meet but when I am put in the position of leadership, I always boss people around.

    Messrs Myers and Briggs agree that ‘I’ is the most prominent of my mannerisms

  2. i’m kinda worried that this anti-social thing is gonna hurt me tho! i’m in a pretty social kind of “profession”. hmm.

  3. Dr House is an ass but it doesn’t stop him, hahaha.

    In real life I there’s this famous orthopedic surgeon Eddie Soo, who I hear is a downright ass, but that doesn’t quite stop either

  4. there’s this stereotype about orthopaedic surgeons actually…lol.

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