skirting the issue

it was hanging on the bottom rack in a very busy section of the store. it lay there, with its identical sisters, inches apart in position as well as dimension. it tried hard not to attract any attention, but i saw it all the same. my eyes lit up as i took in its features (as well as the extremely reasonable price that came with it) and while it wasn’t exactly what i was looking for, i found myself listing reasons that i should purchase it anyway. i think i have a top that can go with it. it could work as casual wear if i wore it with sneakers. so yes i don’t go clubbing, but it might look pretty good as a date outfit if the occasion should ever arise. one can never be too prepared, no?

so i bought that black tiered ruffle skirt with an exposed zip down the front. i brought it home and it didn’t really go with any of the tops i have, which means another shopping trip this week and more money given to the retail industry. not that i mind all that much…shopping was on the agenda for these holidays after all. =)

still it made me think about how we compromise on the things we look for when we get distracted by something shiny and pretty and almost like what we need but not really like it. we tell our brains to accept it for one reason or another, convince ourselves that it’s alright when in the end it comes down to us spending more time, energy and money than we would have if we had stuck to what we originally wanted.

compromise is a tricky thing. the repercussions are never really clear at first – like how i didn’t realise that i don’t exactly have a suitable top to go with the skirt – and by the time the truth dawns upon us, it’s too late. now, i have to find a white tank top to go with my black tiered ruffle skirt, and an occasion to wear it to as well. i would not have had to think about all that if i had concentrated on getting a black denim mini like i wanted at first.

sigh. at least i have the holidays to make it work. 2 days down, only 6.5 to go. =(


One response to “skirting the issue

  1. ok. i guess its good that i called it at 10 cents. cos i really don’t know what you’re trying to describe. my mind went blank at truffles… or something. was it truffels? but i tried.

    are we at 10 cent already? uh-oh. i’d hate to fall short. well i’ll tip so we’re safe. 🙂

    good luck with the date(s) and i’m SURE you’ll do GREAT. trust me. i got a knack for these things. gtg dinner time with lebanese! good luck!! 🙂

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