maybe perhaps i don’t know

is it wrong to vote for a candidate of a political party which is part of the opposition? after all, it’s the ruling coalition that has the resources to make things happen, to build infrastructure, to allocate teachers to schools, to pay civil servants. it’s the ruling coalition that also has the ability to withdraw all assistance and make life difficult for you. is it wrong to, in a way, bite the hand that feeds you?

but is it also wrong to see the bigger picture, look beyond bread-and-butter issues, and want change in the judicial system, in homeland security, in welfare, in healthcare? is it wrong to decide to use your vote to voice your dissatisfaction about how the country in general is run? that you think there are larger things out there besides the everyday provision you need for your family? to sacrifice some of that for the “greater good”?

i don’t know how things in sibu are gonna be like now. there is a deafening silence from the top guns of the country and those who decided to give change a chance are perhaps currently trembling in anticipation of the response from putrajaya.

maybe there won’t even be a significant change – to be honest, i have not noticed any drastic improvements since my state changed hands 2 years ago (or maybe i’m just blind). or things may turn for the worse as our leaders choose to ignore the loss and thus ignore sibu. or history may be made during the state elections. i don’t know.

sometimes i wish i could spend all my time reading and writing about these things instead of touching and going and not knowing anything at all. because i do want to know. it’s far more interesting than tracing my patients’ investigation results. sigh.


3 responses to “maybe perhaps i don’t know

  1. No, it is not wrong to vote for anybody. Heck, if you like the independent candidate, please by all means, vote for him.

    But it is wrong to vote for somebody you know nothing about, just because you don’t like the other guy.

    Case in point, the last general elections and the subsequent political charades and soap opera we have been treated to since then.

    And sod it, I’ll even go as far as saying this, because I think it is very relevant to people our age – before you (not you, per se, but young people) hero worship Anwar Ibrahim, do yourself a favour and find out from your parents/grandparents/uncle/neighbour/ whoever about his history, his days as a student leader, his first stint under ISA, how he started his political career, his role in Ops Lalang 1, his fuck-up as Education and Finance Minister, etc…

    And armed with all that knowledge, if you still want to hero-worship him, then by all means do so. It is a democracy, after all…

  2. during the GE in 2008, when people were lauding PR’s advances, my parents reminded me that politicians are masters at rewriting history to get the support they need. it’s true all over the world. we can never take anything our leaders say at face value.

  3. sorry, i got a lot of free time tonight, and net trawling… so here’s my 2 cents again (so you got 4 cents now. 🙂

    no of course its not wrong to vote for anyone; but to vote for someone just because they belong to a ruling party is akin to just saying “ah, why bother – here’s the keys to the kingdom – forever!”. right? but of course not! you knew that already 🙂

    the opposition is there to balance, and yes, politicians will be of all loots and farts to get in, and once they’re in its likely that they’re all the same. but its the THREAT of them losing the keys to the kingdom if they go too far that keeps them in line… (hey, i’m actually making sense, here! *smug grin in his head*)

    so just to sign off, consider this: the Malaysian Constitution has been changed more than 700 times in the last 50 years – it is the single most changed Constitution in the WORLD, even compared to countries five ten time s older like those in europe. you know why? because except for 5 years in the late 90s and early 80s, BN had more than a 2/3rd majority, which is all you need to change things to your needs and whims. scary huh?

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