in the audience

i am a little afraid of guys who can play musical instruments well. it doesn’t matter if it’s the guitar, the piano, the violin, the drums, or simply a voice…music strikes a chord in my heart (oh how cheesy was that?!) and it can make me fall hopelessly in love.

joshua bell made me completely his for the 45 minutes i watched him perform and i’m sure i wasn’t the only one who fell under his spell that night in that concert hall. i still remember the first time i heard josh groban sing and the exact way he made me feel. every time a song or piece of music reverberates within me, i know i no longer own that part of my soul. music leaves me vulnerable to the elements and that scares me a little.

whoever sent the postcard above really need not pretend at all. they have broken their share of hearts once they stopped playing and the curtains came down. i should know…i’ve been part of that audience before.


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