almost over

i have one minute to blog this because i need to get down to work, but this post is about the current season of american idol so i guess a minute will suffice.

season 9 has been a torture because the contestants are just…so…mediocre! only crystal has shown any real semblance of talent and remained strong all season. although lee was a pleasant enough surprise, the recent shameless pimping from the judges and producers has left me feeling sick in the stomach. i mean…can they be any more obvious that they want a dewyze-bowersox final? could they be any more obvious that they want lee to win?

i hope there isn’t a finale song this year and that if there is, it wouldn’t be written by kara dioguardi. ok no, i take that back. i hope there just isn’t a finale song because the last thing i need is a crappy pop song that lee will definitely sing better than crystal (let’s be honest here, she is NOT mainstream), even if a crappy song is probably what would most appropriately cap off a crappy season.

anyway, here are what i think were the best performances of this year’s finalists.

crystal bowersox – “as long as i can see the light” by creedence clearwater revival

although i really liked crystal’s rendition of janis joplin’s “me and bobby mcgee”, i remember this the most because of her stellar performance despite being hospitalized for complications of type I diabetes mellitus earlier in the week. it’s exactly the kind of music she should make and she sounds divine here. i hope either this song or bobby mcgee makes it as part of her final performance this week! i’m glad she’s in the final two because it guarantees her a record deal and a shot at fame, which is the very least this mama deserves.

lee dewyze – “the boxer” by simon & garfunkel

lee caught me off guard. i did not like him much initially because he’s so darn boring and his voice isn’t particularly a standout. he is kinda like a poor man’s version of chris daughtry (who had so much more charisma) but his tremendous improvement through the season makes him throroughly deserving of his spot in the final. he didn’t even need simon’s song choice to put him through – “hallelujah” was a lazy, obvious choice anyway – and with the ridiculous praise from the judges, he is the favourite to win.

right, i’ve said my piece about american idol. i’m glad season 9 is almost over!

edit #1: wahey, i called michael johns “a poor man’s version of chris daughtry” too! rotfl.

edit #2: not to be smug, but i got the finale song choices kerrrrect! not that anyone really cares. okay i do. =P


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