the good show

my sister and i are huge fans of courtroom dramas. for her, it probably began with matlock but i first fell in love with legal television series when “the practice” and “ally mcbeal” came on the air. after that i became riveted with “jag”, “law and order” (and the spin-offs), “boston legal” when bobby and lindsay gave way to alan shore…and now there’s “the good wife”.

i just have to blog about “the good wife” now that the first season has ended. it is screaming for awards for the razor-sharp writing, impeccable acting and great direction. the winning factor? the characters, definitely the characters.

eli gold (alan cumming) is a frightening devil-like man who floats between good and bad effortlessly. cary agos (matt czuchry) left me wondering whether i should hate him or love him all season and i am glad that he is set for a much bigger role when the show resumes in the fall. kalinda (archie panjabi) is probably the one character i did not warm up to much, probably because she is the most ambiguous one of all and i’ve gotten impatient at figuring her out.

then there’s the three – peter, alicia and will. it’s hard to think of chris noth as anyone other than mr big from “sex and the city”, but he carries the role of peter florrick very well. unfortunately his character was overshadowed by the introduction of the oh-so-deliciously-evil eli gold and i took alot less notice of him in recent episodes. will gardner (josh charles) is the sexiest lawyer on tv since…since…okay i can’t even recall anyone who comes close! he doesn’t get much action in the courtroom, but the chemistry he has with alicia is insane. it’s indescribable. the character is so well written and portrayed that it almost hurts to think about what goes through his head when he considers every obstacle that lies between him and alicia. romantic but dedicated to his work…will gardner is my second favourite character on the show.

julianna marguiles did not win a golden globe and screen actors’ guild award for her performance as alicia florrick for nothing. loads of people have criticized the character for being so stoic and cold, but the instances in which her vulnerability shows through are just priceless. she delivers the best lines wonderfully and the ultimatum that she served will in the finale was a work of art.

poetry is easy; it’s the parent-teacher conferences that are hard.” it’s exactly the right line for someone that age, in that point of time in their lives, at that grey place in a friendship that could be more. it’s the exact thing that should be said, and i am so glad that alicia said it. will was completely caught off guard and you could see that his stand on the whole situation matured right there and then.

i appreciate “the good wife” for it’s lack of flimsiness and the occasional hard-hitting doses of reality. it helps that the cases they deal with each week have not been compromised by the focus on character development and have remained compelling so far (something the writers of “house” should take note of). i love how i get so emo whenever the focus shifts to will-and-alicia. i like how much eli and cary have grown on me.

i am so glad it’s been renewed for another season.


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