Jesus and satan were arguing over who was the better programmer. eventually God couldn’t take it, so He suggested that they have a contest, with Him as the judge. the two rivals sat at their computers and began. they typed furiously, entering code as fast as they could, when suddenly there was a flash of lightning and the electricity went out. after a few minutes of darkness, the power was restored and God called the end of the contest.

when He asked satan to show what he’s accomplished, satan was visibly upset and wailed, “i have nothing! i lost it all when the power went out!” then God went over to Jesus to see what he had done. Jesus entered a command and the screen came to life in vivid display and the voices of an angelic choir poured forth from the speakers. satan was astonished. “…but how? i lost everything but Jesus’ program is intact!”

God chuckled and said, “well, Jesus saves.”

i’ve learnt a couple of things in the last 5 years of medical school – for example, you know, medical stuff – but none have been so valuable as the following:

1. always hit “save” periodically when working on a long report.
2. always send myself a copy of my work in progress.
3. always have another backup copy on a flash drive.

those are the golden rules for any student with assignments to complete, papers to write, reports to submit.those rules have saved my arse countless times not just by ensuring i have an updated version of any work in progress at all times, but also allowing me to access whatever i’m working on wherever and whenever a computer is available.

hope you enjoyed the joke. =P


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