one bad thing about turning 25 is that there are no songs called “25” for me to emo to, unlike the last 2 years.

that said, it’s been a long-anticipated weekend back home. i spent it cuddling my niece, groggy from the chlorpheniramine syrup she was given for her allergies, correcting my portfolio, eating, watching world cup matches, shopping, eating, photocopying documents, getting them certified, eating, and more eating. now that i’m back in chisel rock land, i feel like the weekend never happened, that it was too good to be true.

i just had cheesecake for dinner. happy birthday to me.

edit: make that cheesecake and 2 slices of coffee cake. thanks for coming guys. =)


One response to “cheesecake

  1. ooo! happy birthday. 🙂

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