world cuppers

so yeah, i’m female. i wear dresses, i spend too much money on shoes, and i think i’m a modern day elizabeth bennet. i also like watching football. i understand just enough to make sure i don’t look silly in front of the boys or make “chick comments” like “holland versus the netherlands”.i think most footballers are ugly and i roll my eyes at women who comment on thighs and arms and cheer when cristiano ronaldo takes his shirt off at the end of a match.

but hey, i’m female, and if a footballer is a looker, i will say so. this world cup, there are a couple that i would readily give the thumbs up to. here are the select few:


from top to bottom, left to right:

carlos bocanegra (usa, center back)
i am glad bocanegra plays for a club that calls football football and not *urgh* soccer. i don’t care much for the americans, but they sure do have a cute captain. haha. landon who?

kaka (brazil, midfield)
if you’re female and you don’t know who this is…i feel really sorry for you. go and google! now!!!

iker casillas (spain, goalkeeper)
i’ve had a crush on casillas since euro 2004. so he was kinda responsible for switzerland’s giler icannotbelieveit goal last night, so he was devastated…at least he looked good while being responsible and devastated. i like the scruff on him. hmm.

fernando torres (spain, forward)
you know, he actually is kinda handsome when he (a) doesn’t have long, blonde bruno hair, and (b) isn’t in a liverpool jersey. just sayin’.

harry kewell (australia, winger)
an old fogey who is kinda running out of steam. i keep recalling the awesome watch ad he modeled for in australia though. very naice.

fabio cannavaro (italy, center back)
you can’t get any more old fogey than 36-year-old cannavaro. still a class defender, still makes bald look hawt. i’ll be very sorry when he retires. the other italian players disappoint.

right…i’ve let go every ounce of world cup bimboness in me. now let’s go on with the football! once every 4 freaking years! YEAHHH!!!


3 responses to “world cuppers

  1. so in other words you like scruffy men. LOL! fair enough. 😉

  2. I couldn’t find a ‘like’ button but thanks lishun for cheering my day (especially the one on Kaka which had me grinning like an idiot)

  3. no no i only like scruffy iker casillas. =P

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