lonely place

last weekend, i went to the red dot. it was yet another on-a-whim trip south so naturally no one was free to hang out with me.

i drove down alone, got lost on the streets of singapore alone, looked nervously at the petroleum gauge alone. i decided against driving into the city alone, visited the museum alone, stalked kids alone, ate katong laksa and boozy ice cream alone, went to another museum alone, attempted to take artsy photographs alone.

while i didn’t spend the entire day on my own – i did eventually meet up with friends for music, dinner and spectator sports – it came to my attention that i am enjoying my own company too much. waaaaay too much. it worries me a little.

maybe i really am meant to be alone, free to do whatever i want in my own time. there’s power in solitude, even if it’s a lonely place to be sometimes.


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